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The Classmates listed below have agreed and authorized the webmaster to share their contact information with other classmates or faculty on request. The sharing of contact information is strictly limited to a home postal address or email. It is provided for Cherry Hill High School Alumni and Staff only. If there is someone on this list with whom you wish to make contact, you may request the information in the "Comments" section of the Update Your Info page and we will respond by email. If you would like to add or remove your name, please update your contact information and check the appropriate box at the bottom of the page. You must have a valid email address on file to add or keep your name on this list.

Updated on Sunday, February 5, 2023

Hyphenated names are only used here to help our alumni remember their former classmates by including the names by which they were most familiar.


  • Baxter, Martin
  • Braswell-Foust, Darcus
  • Brown, Michael
  • Brown-Graham, Lisa
  • Busch, Erik
  • Damaschke-Hunsbeger, Nicholle
  • Defoe-Detherage, Darlene
  • Grisham-Bonner, Bettie
  • Hill-Maccoux,Tracy
  • Johns-Varitek, Lisa
  • Kirk, Billie
  • Lee-Hinton-Ludwig-Craig, Nancy
  • Lynch, Sean
  • Miller, Bob
  • Moore, Thomas
  • Scott, Bob
  • Thibeault, Mike
  • Vinal-Keezer, Alyssa
  • Williamson, John


  • Anson, Donna
  • Banks-Hurst, Nicole
  • Baumer, Lisa
  • Colwell-La Rowe, Patricia
  • Duprie, Stephen
  • Fast, Monica
  • Guyor-Goodling, Joy
  • Hall, Andrew J.
  • Hardoin, Steve
  • Harvey-Tsakos, Jansen
  • Hoskins, Montie
  • Meyers, Joseph
  • Miller-Markey, Kim
  • Moza-Sweitzer, Evette
  • Nikula, Mark
  • O'Brien, Nora
  • Piekarz-McGowan, Ann
  • Richter-Dowling, Rebecca
  • Saenz-Dimopulos, Julie
  • Stroman, AJ
  • Sturgeon, Michele


  • Bednarz-Franklin, Laura M
  • Butler-Hurley, Kimberly
  • OJibway, Trevor
  • Pozon-Crenshaw, Rheamie
  • Sprayberry, David
  • Walsh-Babisch, Kristina
  • Young, Tommy


  • Barnes-Shantel, Shayler
  • Chaudoin, Carla
  • Grimble, Randy
  • Lanier-Digue, Melissa
  • Riley-Chase, Christina
  • Weis, Robert